Sunday, March 27, 2011

My dog's "COW" and "Scruffy"

Just wanted to show my two loyal guard dogs, Cow is my 2nd gen. dog from my 1st. dog "Maxi" best dog ever.  Scruffy is a dog I rescuded as a pup.
This is Cow's mom Maxi

More Hemi Time Damage-bottom end

Haven't posted for a while, just been too busy. Well I managed to ge the 241 apart to clean it all out. Found alot of grit every were. The bottom end was tight but I was suspicius of the bearings being galled. I took a bearing cap off and a rod cap and found that the bearing had gone through to the copper in some areas. The good thing is that the crank stiil looks good. I will get it polished out. The main and rod bearings will be replaced, cam bearings look good. The cylinders will be honed and then put it all back together. Well heres some pictures.

Friday, March 4, 2011

235 Chevy 6

Here some carnage pics of my buddys engine we took apart. The engine was taken apart due to insuficient oil pressure. It had two rod bearings go out and the rest of the bearings scored. The pistons dint make it eather they had bad scores and bearing material embeded in the piston skirts. This will now require new pistons and the hole bottom end redone. The cam was in good condition, the head will be cleaned. Here's some carnage pic's.
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