Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sears and Roebucks muscle bicycle.

I bought this bicycle a few years ago on Craigslist.  It was sold to me along with a woman's Western Flyer. The bicycle was in pretty bad shape. The whole bicycle was painted silver except the tires. The seat and grips are orange flake witch I think was original to the bike. Well last month while on my own paternity leave I decided to take it apart and rebuild it. So the disassembly starts. I got the bike in pieces and sanded down to the factory color.  Sure enough the bike was a bright orange color. I was on a search for the right orange color and I did find obe that was close. It was an art type spray paint that was matte finish.  I used a wheel finish clear for the top coat. Did about 3 coats of color and clear. Once the body and forks were done I cleaned up the crankshaft , chain ring ,bearing cups and bearings. I cleaned the head cups and reused the bearings too. The pedals were okay just needed some paint.  The rest of the chrome was in decent shape too.  The wheels well that's the bad part.  The spokes are rotted and need to be replaced but they do work okay. Well here is the final product.