Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bicycle ride

Went for a bike ride this morning with my wife and my niece to Starbucks to get a cold ice coffee. The muscle bicycle road nicely the Western was good to and the mongoose was awsome as always. This is our bicycles in front of 5th street Starbucks.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Some old bicycles

I have been wanting an old bicycle for a while now and finaly have one. I have a 90's bmx bike I wanted a 60's banana seat with the big and little tires. I also got my wife an old beach cruiser type from the 50's. The one I got is a Sears Spider similar to a stingray. The beach cruiser is a Western Flyer with the front suspension bars, spring seat, rear rack and chrome wheels. They bothe need some major TLC but I was able to get them ready to ride. The tubes hold air, the chains are lubed. I will take the out for a morning ride tomorrow. Here's what the look like also when we picked them up packed in back of my ladys Jetta.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

fixin some rattle's

Today I drove my truck to work to check out some suspension noise and body rattle's that I was hearing. I work at a Lexus dealership and I usualy use the shop as my shop. I had one of my co-worker help me out while I was working. Martin (co-worker) helped me rack the truck up and go through all the nuts and bolts under the truck. Some bolts were a bit loose but they were refastend. The suspension was solid,I just lubricated the springs and checked the streeing system too. It doesn't hurt to check your car one in a while just to make sure your rolling safe. Here is some pictures.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bottom end

This past Wednesday night Mike the owner of the 65 chevelle came by to the cruise night to drop off the head gaskets, intake and exhaust gaskets, new camshaft, oil pump pick up and other miscellaneous parts. Last night I got started on the short block. I got everything all cleaned up and ready for re assembly, stabbed the new cam in along with a new double roller chain. Got the timing cover on with a new front seal, and installed the new melling 55hv oil pump. Installed the new oil pan with a 1 peace oil pan gasket. Now I got to get the heads on and the top valve train in too. Here's some photos..
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just some cool shots

I have been messing with this camera app on my tablet that makes the shots look vintage, polaroid, distressed, dry, wet and others. Heres some of my favorite..
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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Its funny how things happen sometimes, I used to own a 65 chevelle back in high school so when I came across this guy I took the job. I had a short block for sale on craigslist about a month ago and finally some one called me. He said my termanology was off, nobody spoke engine talk on craigslist I guess. Well he called cuz he was interested, he had just bought a 65 chevelle from new york. He had only driven it for a few days when he started to hear a knocking sound from the bottom end. I verified the noise and came to the conclusionthat the rod bearings had given out. The deal was made and he dropped of the car at my house yesterday. His motor has a good topend with aluminum heads and air gap manifold. My wife and I took the engine out today, broke the motor down and got every thing sorted out. Now I'm waiting for parts. Heres some progress pics.....
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Installed side glass

Just installed the new window tracks and glass to the pick up. I was missing both side door glass and window tracks. The drivers side installed with little problems but the passengers side was a little of a pain. Got them on and wow does it make a difference now I just need to get the cowl vent working.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deadbeat's BB-Q

      Today was the Deadbeats BB-Q at Camino Real park in ventura, the Deadbeat's were hosting and the Spirits, Nite Life, Draggers and us the Pharaohs were there for support. We had a taquero, keg, soft drinks, chips, rice and beans. Every one brought their families and pets, they played beer baseball and the kids were having fun with all the dogs running around the park.

     I took my truck out, packed the bed with fold able chairs, big ice cooler, trash cans for recycle and some bead spreads to chill out on. The truck ran good to ventura and back, it was a good stretch for the next trip we make for long beach.

     The BB-Q started at 12oon and ended around 6pm, went on a little longer than expected. I talked to a lot of people and checked out alot of cool cars. The girls were all dolled up and all the guys were re ping their club's. Here's some photos from today....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Walker Radiator

\       I haven't posted foe a few weeks, I got a lot on my mind lately and could not get to posting. My dog got and ear infection and needed some attention. My radiator on my truck is leaking so bad that I couldn't drive it. My chevelle is not down but a bitch to drive with these gas prices.

     Well finally I made up my mind and bought a new radiator. The original 36 ford radiator had seen its days and at this point it needs a major repair that just dint make sense to my pockets. I was getting rough estimates of seven to eight hundred dollars for a re-core and that's if the tanks survive. I looked in to aluminum rad's but the thing about those is if they bust you really can't rebuild them. Then I came a cross Walker Radiators and looked in to them. Found alot of people had installed these with no problems in the long run plus they are rebuild able if something happens to it.

     I ordered a new radiator from speedway, they had the lowest shipped price. Just got the rad in and installed it today. The fitment is perfect, the quality is top notch and looks just like factory. I got the 4 row Z core made for big block motors so this rad will be plenty for the small hemi. I cant wait to put it to the test when I go on long trips.  Here's some photos of the before and after....

This is the 36 Ford radiator

The Walker Radiator