Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deadbeat's BB-Q

      Today was the Deadbeats BB-Q at Camino Real park in ventura, the Deadbeat's were hosting and the Spirits, Nite Life, Draggers and us the Pharaohs were there for support. We had a taquero, keg, soft drinks, chips, rice and beans. Every one brought their families and pets, they played beer baseball and the kids were having fun with all the dogs running around the park.

     I took my truck out, packed the bed with fold able chairs, big ice cooler, trash cans for recycle and some bead spreads to chill out on. The truck ran good to ventura and back, it was a good stretch for the next trip we make for long beach.

     The BB-Q started at 12oon and ended around 6pm, went on a little longer than expected. I talked to a lot of people and checked out alot of cool cars. The girls were all dolled up and all the guys were re ping their club's. Here's some photos from today....

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