Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tonight we had out monthly cruise night at In & Out in Oxnard, we had a few car clubs show up. the weather was ok, a bit chilly. I took the chevelle out and our car club members brought their rides out. We had the Deadbeats, Draggers, Cruisers, Old Memorys and a few solo cruisers. Just wanted to show some of the turn out. Will post more pics later. next moth we will have another cruise. Thanks to all who showed up.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Datsun 620 pick up

Here is my old truck I sold couple years ago. The guy brought it by and was all out of adjustment. So I asked him to leave it here and I will put some time in to it. I actualy missed this lil truck. I have to adjust the brakes, clutch travel, carb, timing and the engine valves. I'm going to polish some of the crome and lift it about an inch and a half all around cause the suspention bottoms out. Well I'll keep you guys posted.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Venture panoramic view

Took my wife to Ventura to see the great panoramic view. This is from the top of the ventura foothills. Would have taken pictures of the cross but the road was closed. Here's a shot of the pear and one of the beach.
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Datsun Griffith

Sorry for the late pic
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I got a hold of my old Datsun 620 pick up and will be posting some pics later. Found this cool griffith Datsun logo.
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Monday, February 14, 2011


These are the guys in the club, all are friends first and car enthusiast. I have known these guys for years, we build out own cars and help out others as well. We have Randy who owns a 58 Chevy Impala and a 63 Chevy short bed pick up. Ralph who owns a 50 Chevy custom and a 64 Chevy Nova SS. Sonny who owns 49 Buick custom. Angel who owns a 50 Chevy Fleetline. Eddie who owns a 29 ford sedan right hand drive. And my self a 36 ford pick up and a 66 Chevelle. We have a contingent member Marcos who has been hanging around for a while. He has a 51 chevy coupe.

Pharaohs Car Club Jacket

This is our tribute car club jacket for our club "Pharaohs Oxnard" today called "Pharaohs Ventura County"

The club started back in 1956 by Bud Hammer and his freinds with the help of his father. The jacket design was done by Bud him self. Our jacket was recreated by Tommy D. at Logos Two in Paramount Cal. Cool wool jackets made here in the U.S. by Greenspan's. Chenele stich with Chain stich out line and filling.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New windows

A little OT I have been wanting to replace the original windows in my house for a while. I wanted windows that fit the house's character,they needed to look and open like the 1940's windows. Last december I contacted a friend of mine who works for a window shop. He came over measured up and got the right size for the hole. I got some custom Milguard wood clad windows, dual pain with gas filled and uv protection. They are fiberglass and came painted to the color of choice. Best thing I have done to the house yet. No more cold nights, no more drafts. Here's some before and after pic's.
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Bicycle License

Here's a plate I got from my buddy Travis. It was on one of his bikes he owns. Just wanted to show it off.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "Ball" mason jars

I got a chance to clean up some space in my garage cabinet. I had an assortment of screws, misc. House hold nails and staples with no designated place for them. It takes a while to find them when im looking for them. I had gone over to a freinds house and I saw he had a collection of mason jars hanging above the door frame. Looked so cool and clutter clean, I had gone over to target an found some for $4 bucks. Here's what it looks like.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hemis Carnage

Here's some photos of the carnage the hemi has indured. The camshaft lobes went flat (about y lobes) more than half the lifters were galling. Well now comes the task to take it apart and clean and polish the crank and all oil gallies. Will post more later...
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"The Beast" My 66 chevelle

This is my chevelle I've had for 9 years. The story behind the chevelle is, my wife (then girlfreind) bought it for me. I used to have a 65 chevelle that we had put together throgh high school and got stolen. Two months later she bought me the body no engine or trans. It took me 8 months to get it on the road. I had built this one with vengence for those bastards that took my firts car. Just to show you could not stop me. The mill is a 350 010 block 30 over with 12 to 1 comp and a solid roller set up. High flow protopline heads and a single plane intake. For the trans a 400th with manual valve body and a billet converter. The rear end is a well built 10 bolt with 4:11's and an eaton possi. I used it for street racing but those days are over. New plans are on the way so stay tuned.
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My 36 Ford Truck "Hemi Time"

This is my 4 year project I have been working on and off. I got it from a freinds dad who said it was a ranch truck here in Oxnard. The truck was apart and hadent been together in years until I got my hands on it. The power train is a 241 dodge hemi with a 4 speed muncie behind it and a ford 9" rear end. For the last few months I had been driving the truck, took it to the Ventura Nats, the Long Beach Motorama. I'm currently taking it apart due to a faulty cam( flat lobes) so I will post some info on that deal later. Here are some past photos.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

some of my freinds rides

These are some of my Buddys cars, shows the type of vehicles I'm into. Travis,Richard,Ralph,Randy,Angel,Sonny and more......
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Posting from my Droid Phone

Testing, testing,1,2!
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Hemi time

Tearing apart the Hemi
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New to the "Blogger World" but here it goes...

New to the "blogger" world but I had to do something to get my words out. I'm not a grammar expert so dont judge me. I just want to post what I do around my garage, freinds garage, car shows and my car club. My buddy Travis got me into the blogger biz so I'm giving it a try. Good luck to me. I'm going to attempt to post my first picture.