Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lil Bandit 29 sport coupe

My buddy Eddie is driving down from Redding CA. With this rolling body. Now we will be building a pre -war hotrod. We will keep you posted. I will be getting some pointers and parts from Travis.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Here's some songs I have been cruising too lately. You have to remember were I grew up East Side of Oxnard. Just because I like Hot Rods does not mean I don't like Oldies.

Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces : "Can't get away"

The Velvelettes :" I can't wait until I see my baby's face"

Patti Drew : "Tell him"

Eddie & Ernie : "Bullets don't have eyes"

The Sunliners : "Grazing in the grass"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battery relocation and brakes.

Got some work done today, well after
I put away some Christmas boxes. I put a battery relocation kit in the trunk. I removed the old battery and cables. Now I need to make room for the MSD box. My buddy also brought over his 60 Buick Electra. He had replaced all 4 wheel cylinders and brake shoes. He was having trouble braking and the rear drums were stuck. We found the two of the secondary shoes were a 1/4 to wide and were rubbing on the drum. Now he needs to get the correct shoes. Some pictures.

My great Grandfather

This is a photo of my great Grandfather Antonio Zavala who in his days was a Mexican revolutionary. He fought for the land were my grandparents live in now. It used to be a Spanish hacienda that had a lot of land and had a lot of Mexican people working there. I was reading a book on how they got the land back and distributed between the worker's to make what's now known as Copandaro De Villa Jimenez Michoacan. My great Grandmother, grandparents on my grandpa 's side my Dad 's grandparents worked for them too. One was a mayordomo, one was the town's electrician, and regular workers doing needed job's.  My great Grandfather had other plans. I'm glad he fought and made a difference cause that's were I'm from and born.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1st of the year CRUISE.

Another good cruise night. The night was clear but chill, a lot of the regulars showed up to have some good Mexican food and enjoy some good company. We have been doing this for one year now and were not stopping. We are getting good feed back from people and the restaurant owner's. We also need more clubs to support out hobby and come show their cars. The Camarillo,Ojai,Santa Paula crowed need to show up too. We are having a good time out here. Here's some picture.

Luis and his Cheby

Ralph and his 50 Chevy custom

Even the General Lee was here

Matt and his Custom

And my truck too

There were wagon's.......

Brett's too!

John Parker's custom

Art and his custom

Low and Slow Caddy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Whent down to Mexico...."

I was gone for a while due to a death in the family, my aunt past away and we all had to book it to Mexico for the funeral and to bring my aunts ashes back. I was planing on visiting my grandparents in December but not like this. The only good thing from this tragedy is that it opens up your eyes to get your ass up and visit your loved ones. We are never to busy to visit cause one day they will be gone and you don't want to live with regret.  a few of my aunts,uncles and cousins from other states were present to show support to my uncle and two cousins.

Got to see allot of my family from Mexico, see my uncles farm, my aunts old house, cool pictures.
We came back on a buss that toke 2 days to get us to Tijuana Mex. That was a crazy ride ,I almost got left behind in Sinaloa Mex. I got a history lesson from my grand parents on my great grand father.
Well I got some photos to show you guys.

This is the front of my grandpas house.
My cousins the day we got there.

This is my uncle watering the plants.

This was made for the house address and
to know what family lives here.

My uncle is building another home on top of the farm entry.
On the right is the drive way.
My uncle watering the plants designed this house.

Chilling in front of the street of my grandpas.
The soccer field is right behind me.

Some of my uncle's

I love this house.

Not one like it in town.
every one else builds up.
5 bed, with 1.5 bath and farm.

Big pigs, Lil pigs.

Hammer Time

I will post tomorrow on my Great grand dad.