Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Whent down to Mexico...."

I was gone for a while due to a death in the family, my aunt past away and we all had to book it to Mexico for the funeral and to bring my aunts ashes back. I was planing on visiting my grandparents in December but not like this. The only good thing from this tragedy is that it opens up your eyes to get your ass up and visit your loved ones. We are never to busy to visit cause one day they will be gone and you don't want to live with regret.  a few of my aunts,uncles and cousins from other states were present to show support to my uncle and two cousins.

Got to see allot of my family from Mexico, see my uncles farm, my aunts old house, cool pictures.
We came back on a buss that toke 2 days to get us to Tijuana Mex. That was a crazy ride ,I almost got left behind in Sinaloa Mex. I got a history lesson from my grand parents on my great grand father.
Well I got some photos to show you guys.

This is the front of my grandpas house.
My cousins the day we got there.

This is my uncle watering the plants.

This was made for the house address and
to know what family lives here.

My uncle is building another home on top of the farm entry.
On the right is the drive way.
My uncle watering the plants designed this house.

Chilling in front of the street of my grandpas.
The soccer field is right behind me.

Some of my uncle's

I love this house.

Not one like it in town.
every one else builds up.
5 bed, with 1.5 bath and farm.

Big pigs, Lil pigs.

Hammer Time

I will post tomorrow on my Great grand dad.

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