Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stripping cuz im sick...

I have been sick these last few days. So I got my stripping brushes and 1shot paint out for some lil practice. By no means an I an artist, the pros will be doing my real work on my pick up truck. I have a 00 and 0 stripping brush that I tipped my self. Does real thin to fat lines. I practiced on some glass I have then on lil jars,wood, tools sect. I did a ratchet for my buddy Randy's bday. Well here's the work.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

1965 Mustang 302

Got another car that needs the Danny treatment. This is my buddy's stang, I had done a front wilwood disc brake conversion a few years ago. Now he wants to go fast. The 2 barrel is not cutting it. So now we are doing a top end up grade and timing gear swap with a new aluminum water pump. I am going to reseal the oil pan and timing cover. New edelbrock intake and holly carburetor. Ford motor sport valve cover and air cleaner. Will be posting the progress.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Working on lil bandit

Today we're at Eddie's working on lil bandit. We are swapping out frames cause the original one was toast. The frame was all bent and the front horns were welded all fucked up. The other frame is in good shape so now we are swapping out all the right hand drive parts over. Eddie is modefyin his intake manifold to work with his stock exhaust manifold. This thing needs a lot of work but we will get it goin soon. Heres some progress pictures.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ventura Nationals 2012

What a long day!  Got up early to get my truck loaded up. Got the trophy done. All the club members met up at the Ventura harbor Vons. Jack Taylor came out to cruise in with us. Jesse came out with his 51 merc, Marcos came out with his 50 Fleetline. We had Jim Sharp and Bud Hammer come through. Cooked some carne asada con Pollo. Drank beers. Went to Kiwi Kev's house for the pig roast. Came home and now I'm resting. Here's some photos.