Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Muscle Bike (bicycle)

<p>Well you guys know I have a thing for old bicycles and old toys.&amp;nbsp; Well yesterday I was driving by down town Oxnard in front of the theater.&nbsp; Its a downtown recreational store front with art and other cool stuff. They had a Schwinn "Lemon Peeler ", a Sears "Drag bike ", a cool looking drag bike designed by George Barrister sold by Iverson. There was one with redline tires sold by Raleigh as a chopper.  Check out the pictures. If you have a chance drop by and take a look.

Friday, February 24, 2012

1959 Brookwood wagon

My brother in law just got this 1959 Chevy Brookwood wagon in from New York.The car is an original California built her in LA. It spent some time in Colorado and then made home in up state New York. My brother in law picked it up and got it trailered her to Oxnard.&#160; Last night the truck showed up and it was time to unload. The guys had spent an hour trying to get the chains and straps off to unload the weight of the car. Finally they manage to get it down, I then wanted to get the car started. Drove it around the block and in to the garage. I wish I would have taken pictures when it was outside.  Here's some in the garage, check out the stickers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finishing touches

I got some time to spend on the 65 chevelle.  I had the MSD box and coil to hook up. The radiator overflow needed to be mounted. For the ignition box I bent some sheet metal to cover were the battery used to sit. There was an ugly fender liner repair done and I needed to cover it up. The owner is going to replace the fender liner. The coil was mounted at the firewall next to the distributor. For the coolant catch can I bent up some aluminum tabs and riveted to the fan shroud.  Now I need a coil wire and a short battery cable before I could start the engine.  Here's some photos ...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Engines, engines and more engines

I was going through an old computer hard drive and found lots of old pictures from cars shows, it was crazy because I though I had lost them since I don't print pictures out any more. I found my self taking a lot of pictures of engines. I am an engine guy but at that time I was building my hemi for my 36 Ford pick up. I was trying  to get motivation and see how every one was dressing up their motors. I see how the fuel lines go, the type of brackets they use, the way they plumb them. For along time I was building muscle car engine with lots of horse power were keeping it clean was better but with hot rod engine people build them up and use multiple carbs, copper fuel lines, crazy looking fuel logs, air cleaners and stacks.  Check out these pictures, I'm only going to post the old ones because I have to meany.

I likes this engine beacuse of the type of cylinder heads it was using.

Building SBC's but I was not used to those lil carbs.
A holly HP 950 with a shit load of compession is what I'm used to.

This lil banger with a down draft was cool looking.

Very clean!

60's power plant 
I love them stovebolt 6's

This one is dressed with Eddie Meyer speed parts.

Look at those high stacks.

Simple clean looking.

You know your serious about perfomance when you have a chrome dizzy cap.

Vintage flathead speed.

Nice intake manifold.

A Hemi with six 97's

Nice power plant!

Look at the Devils eyes.

And my "baby Hemi" 241 redram dodge.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Red Dot II lost footage!

My buddy Travis had built this 1929 Ford roadster in 4 months, these videos are from the night the engine was first started and the first test drive. they finished early morning before heading out to the last Paso Robles Cruising nationals 2006. Heres some pictures and videos from the night. Enjoy......

1st engine start

1st test drive down town Ventura

Engine is in, check out the fabed headders

Custom grill shell speedster style

Custom Forty top grill shell cover

The Forty Ford Coupe

The Cheif

Fitted Forty dash

Last final build up out side

Last moc-up in side the shop.
you have to take the whole thing apart
before you take it out the shop door.

Destination Paso Robles Crusin Nationals

Red Dot and The Cheif at the Antique Nat's

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lexus LFA video

Lexus LFA

Man what a car, this thing showed up boxed in a crate and dropped of by a Toyota motor sports trailer. Brand spanking new Lexus LFA, graphite metallic, ceramic carbon brakes, carbon fiber body and panels, V10 with close to 600hps revving to 95hundred RPM 's. This thing is expensive too!  Check out the photos.