Sunday, February 19, 2012

Engines, engines and more engines

I was going through an old computer hard drive and found lots of old pictures from cars shows, it was crazy because I though I had lost them since I don't print pictures out any more. I found my self taking a lot of pictures of engines. I am an engine guy but at that time I was building my hemi for my 36 Ford pick up. I was trying  to get motivation and see how every one was dressing up their motors. I see how the fuel lines go, the type of brackets they use, the way they plumb them. For along time I was building muscle car engine with lots of horse power were keeping it clean was better but with hot rod engine people build them up and use multiple carbs, copper fuel lines, crazy looking fuel logs, air cleaners and stacks.  Check out these pictures, I'm only going to post the old ones because I have to meany.

I likes this engine beacuse of the type of cylinder heads it was using.

Building SBC's but I was not used to those lil carbs.
A holly HP 950 with a shit load of compession is what I'm used to.

This lil banger with a down draft was cool looking.

Very clean!

60's power plant 
I love them stovebolt 6's

This one is dressed with Eddie Meyer speed parts.

Look at those high stacks.

Simple clean looking.

You know your serious about perfomance when you have a chrome dizzy cap.

Vintage flathead speed.

Nice intake manifold.

A Hemi with six 97's

Nice power plant!

Look at the Devils eyes.

And my "baby Hemi" 241 redram dodge.

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