Sunday, February 5, 2012

Garage finding 's

My wife calls me this morning before she gets home from work. She said she saw some cool looking couches from the 50's . She sent me some pictures and in the background I saw an old exercise bicycle.  She has been wanting me to get to the gym, I told her come pick me up so I could check out the couches.  We show up and I got out of the car first. I walk up to the lady and asked about the bicycle.  How much? She said $15!  I said I will take it. By the time my wife got out the car I was the owner of a 60's exercise bicycle.  We did buy the couches they look funky but very comfortable.  I got some old toys from the 50's & 60's since we want to start a family. Check out the toys. We also picked up some cool patio lamps, Mason jars from 1976 with commemorate 1876 in the glass.

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