Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Man the engine bay on the 66 chevelle was looking bad. Rusted bolts, faded paint and corroded aluminum was making it look ratty. I had some new spark plug wires that I was going to custom fit around the valve covers. It started by me using some WD40 to clean up some fasteners and that looked so good that I ended up spraying the whole engine. Cleaned it up a bit, took another look from a distance and the bay it self was looking ugly. I used some GUNK shine and cleaned up the firewall and fender wells. Now it looks good. I know I will be tearing up the engine soon and at that time I will spend the time to paint and polish each part.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

La Bombita cruises over to Chiques.

Home boy Enrique cruised over in his 1951 Chevy coupe. Has a nice set up, a 54 inline 235 ci. Backed by a 5 speed t5 to an open drive s10 rear end. This guy has driven the heck out of this car from Washington down to L A . He has made the trip to the primer nationals 5 times. That's dedication to your ranfla!  Just wanted to share it with you guys.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Been busy...

Been busy with life, we are now expecting a baby boy so I have had to convert my media room to a baby room. My wife and I are so excited of our new page we are turning. I will still be working on old cars but now I will inti grate some old toys and push stroller.
So more on that later.
I have been tinkering with my buddy's roadster. Got the headlight bar mounted and angled. New distributor. Finally got it running just needs some adjustments to make it drivable. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure...