Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More work ahead...

Well I haven't posted for a while now since I have been really busy working on the truck. Trying to get it ready for the "Beatnik Blow Out" and the 4th of July show in Fillmore. My friends Angel, Richard, Yallo, my wife and I have been a work this past week and will continue till Friday. So here's some progress pictures.

Got the fenders primed and ready for a final scuff before I paint them black again.

The grill shell still needs some metal work and body work before it gets primed.

This is a spare radiator I had. Got it pressure tested, ports blocked off and new cap outlet.

The top was capped off .

Got a Parking brake lever.

bolted up some "C" channel in between the rail for a tight fit, bolted the lever to it.
Welded some tabs on the rear trailing arms for the E-brake cables.
Brought the cables through the frame. Holds the truck prity good.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pharaohs of Oxnard Hot Rod Club est. 1957

Here's Hot Rod July 1960 were the Pharaohs were recognized by the published Hot Rod magazine. It talks about how they came to be an organized hot rod club. Due to the illegal street racing in oxnard and sourounding towns they formed to show the community that they were sincere hot rodders that care what happens in their streets. They were also charter members for the NHRA going to drag strips and helping out were they could, tech inspections, weight ins or safety. Here's the cover and the article from the july 1960 issue.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ralph's 235 rebuild

Got some times this morning to put my buddy Ralph's engine together. The motor is a 235 out of a 57 Chevy that's resides in his 50 Chevy custom. The main and rod bearings had gone out on the way to the GNRS. So it needed a total rebuild, bored our to .080 and ground the crank .020, new pistons, bearings, cam and lifters, gasket set, machine work. Well here ya go..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Body Damage

What a Sunday, cant believe I got in a fender bender with the 36. As you guys know I had just got some new exhaust installed on the truck, well the same day I got the exhaust done I drove and parked the truck in the drive way. The next morning I noticed an oil spot under the truck and I thought maybe an oil leak. I found that the master cylinder had leaked out and I had not pressure. I thought to my self "well i did rebuild that old master cylinder last year, maybe the seals crapped out". I ordered a new master cylinder and installed it on Saturday but I could not test drive it that day cause my battery had gone dead. I left the trickle charger on over night and the next day it started right up. I moved the truck out of the drive way and the brakes were nice and firm. I was on my way to Randy's house for out Pharaohs BB-Q and i was going to the meat market close by. The place is about 5 minutes from my house and the truck was driving and braking normal. I left the parking lot from the meat market and was coming to an intersection when the lights turned red. I went for the brakes and nothing, I down shifted to reverse and dumped the clutch, killed the engine but was too late. Then bam I rear ended a Honda pilot SUV. That sucked!  I was able to push the truck to the next street and get out of traffic, I removed the floor and saw that all the fluid from the master cylinder had came out through the mater cylinder cap. The master cylinder was hot, the pipes are about 8 inches from the master and the lines but some how they got really hot. I never had that problem with the straight pipes . Now I'm getting all the sheet metal straight and try to have this baby on the road soon. New radiator and heat shield are next on the list, I also need a emergency -parking brake. Here's some progress pics.

What the F@#$ just happened

Yesterday, master cylinder went out and bam! Hit a honda. What's next? Time to re-build.
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Mufflers on the 36

Got some mufflers installed on the 36 on Tuesday,the straight pipes were not cutting it. They sounded good when you were on it and at idle but when cruising around they just clacked to much and I could not hear the engine or any thing else. You know that there has to be a balance and your exhaust will tell you allot when it sounds good. So I took the truck down to Kenz Mufflers here in Oxnard, they have been around for a long time and Keith the owner had done several exhaust for my cars before so I know they do real good work. The truck need deed a good sounding muffler, not a lowrider rap sound or a muscle car chamber sound. Eric at Kenz suggested some Turbo Thrust mufflers, they would have that old school 60's sound and that's what I wanted. Got them in and now it's real quite compared to the straight pipes. I could actually have a conversation in the truck while driving. At idle it really has a tough rumble sound. Well here's some pictures, I will post a video soon.

off of Wooley rd. in Oxnard

Keith welding in  the collector flange

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scruffy's new dog house

Got Scruffy a new house since the mail man said he would not deliver the mails if he was out front. Well he really has no were to go but the front yard. The porch was his original shelter but now he has to move to the side of the yard and he needed a new house. I did not want to get him a plastic house or build him a cheesy house due to the fact that my neighbours would see it. So my wife and I decided to buy an eye appealing house that was made out of wood and looked like a cabin. That's what we got, we had one of these for my dog cow but one forth of July weekend she ate the whole thing, that sucked. Here's Scruffys new pad...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mini Bike makes you smell good...

What about some after shave that's called "Mini Bike"
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Little gassers..

Here's some little gassers and street machines I have in my collection. Im a big ass kid inside.
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Model toys....

Here are a line up of my model toys, my buddy Travis had a Tijuana Taxi on his blog and I was like. "O shit" I got that one. I brought it down and realized that they were all dirty. Time for a good clean up and some re-aranging.
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