Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pharaohs of Oxnard Hot Rod Club est. 1957

Here's Hot Rod July 1960 were the Pharaohs were recognized by the published Hot Rod magazine. It talks about how they came to be an organized hot rod club. Due to the illegal street racing in oxnard and sourounding towns they formed to show the community that they were sincere hot rodders that care what happens in their streets. They were also charter members for the NHRA going to drag strips and helping out were they could, tech inspections, weight ins or safety. Here's the cover and the article from the july 1960 issue.
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  1. Hey, there! I was a member of the Pharaohs Hot Rod Club in the old days and my photo appears in the Hot Rod magazine article you have shown above. I am at the far left in the second row and my Dad is fifth from the left in the second row. My name is Jim Bottenhorn and my Dad’s name was Don Bottenhorn. He was an adult advisor (and co-founder) of the Pharaohs and also the Regional advisor for the NHRA. There was also an article in another magazine a couple of years later. I have that issue and can scan it for you, if you’d like. Just let me know… JIM