Monday, June 13, 2011

Body Damage

What a Sunday, cant believe I got in a fender bender with the 36. As you guys know I had just got some new exhaust installed on the truck, well the same day I got the exhaust done I drove and parked the truck in the drive way. The next morning I noticed an oil spot under the truck and I thought maybe an oil leak. I found that the master cylinder had leaked out and I had not pressure. I thought to my self "well i did rebuild that old master cylinder last year, maybe the seals crapped out". I ordered a new master cylinder and installed it on Saturday but I could not test drive it that day cause my battery had gone dead. I left the trickle charger on over night and the next day it started right up. I moved the truck out of the drive way and the brakes were nice and firm. I was on my way to Randy's house for out Pharaohs BB-Q and i was going to the meat market close by. The place is about 5 minutes from my house and the truck was driving and braking normal. I left the parking lot from the meat market and was coming to an intersection when the lights turned red. I went for the brakes and nothing, I down shifted to reverse and dumped the clutch, killed the engine but was too late. Then bam I rear ended a Honda pilot SUV. That sucked!  I was able to push the truck to the next street and get out of traffic, I removed the floor and saw that all the fluid from the master cylinder had came out through the mater cylinder cap. The master cylinder was hot, the pipes are about 8 inches from the master and the lines but some how they got really hot. I never had that problem with the straight pipes . Now I'm getting all the sheet metal straight and try to have this baby on the road soon. New radiator and heat shield are next on the list, I also need a emergency -parking brake. Here's some progress pics.

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