Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shop life...

Been real busy on my new venture. The shop is cranking and I'm getting new customers with cool cars. I work on import and domestic cats but lately we have had the chance to work on some classic and exotic cars too. Currently in the shop I have a 72 GTO getting a new suspension upgrade and some minor tuning.  We are finishing a 56 Buick Special, getting it running for the customer.  A 73 Dodge Charger with some polyurethane bushing upgrade. A 72 Chevelle getting a tilt column as ND a 72 Nova getting tuned. At the same time I'm trying to get my hood on my pickup but need to get my water pump rebuilt.  My Chevelle is getting a E-85 conversion and some major horsepower tuning.  That sums it up really good. So on to the pictures.  If you want to get some work done you could reach me at the shop at 805-488-3110

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Old school litter bag....

Back in the early 50's and 60's when you pulled in to a gas station they would give you a litter bag for your vehicle with a fill up of gas. This would go on any knob in the interior.  These are original to Jim Sharps Chevron Station back in the mid sixties.  The phone number is still the same now.

Sharps Auto Service est. 1969

As you know I have left my long time job at Lexus to pursue my long time dream of owning my own shop. 

This has been in the making for a few months now and finally we are up and running.  Jim Sharp owner of the shop for the past 45 years has retired and let us (my cousin and I) take over the shop. We kept the name Sharps as a homage to Jim and his father how have been in business for over 60 years combined.  This shop used to be a Chevron gas station in the early 60's when Jim 1st started later moving the shop over to the next lot and calling it Sharps Automotive.
We have put lots of work to clean up 45 years of shop use and getting it to how we wanted. We epoxy the floors, painted the walls and ceiling and tinted the shop office glass. Used to get hot as heck in there.  We have been up and running now for two weeks and have been staying busy. We work on domestic, Japanese imports and of course old cars.

The shop is located in Oxnard and has been for the past 45 years. Come visit us at 5577 Saviers Rd Oxnard CA 93033
Phone 805-488-3110

Here are some photos of the shop and some progress.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New adventure or new venture.

Have been too busy to post on the blog here. I have been working up north in Santana Barbara now for the past two as nd a half year's.  This past Monday was my last day with the DCH Lexus of S.B. I have been working with the for the past 10 years and I have learned a lot working there. I will miss my Lexus family. 

I left to follow a long time dream of mine to own my own shop. I received the opportunity of a life time with a fellow friend of mine. I will be posting soon when the dust settles and it's all on writing.  As for DynoDannys Garage I will be posting more and doing more but not out of my garage at home. I got a shop now but not just any shop and old school shop. Keep posted because in a few days I will fill you in. Here are some of my last photos from Lexus.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

66 Chevelle on Edison Rd.

Took the beast out for a shake down and reliability drive. Engine has been together for a few months now and I haven't had a chance to break in the rings properly.  I'm still working on the rear package tray but that takes time. I love driving this thing around town , now I need to save up for an over drive 4l80 or a 5 speed tremec.  I got new rubber for the rear. Does need new shocks all around to get the front end up and the rear supported.  I'm going to save up some cash to finally do an efi set up. Enough of that check out some photos.

Monday, March 17, 2014

1951 Styleline Matt's 51

51 Chevy Style Line: https://youtu.be/7153tmfSSwo

1951 Chevy Styleline my buddy Matt's

Had worked on this car a while ago. I was going though my phone and found pictures and video of it. As you guy's know I have been really busy with the baby and work. My buddy had hit me up to reseal the intake manifold, adjust the valve train, and a quick tune before a cruise that was coming up. So today I have some pictures and later some video. Here You go.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SBC 355ci 2.0

A few months ago I decided to take the engine out of the beast for a tear down and inspection.  It had been together for 12 year's and a shit load of pulls. It was leaking oil and consuming as well.  Once a part I was amazed on how the bottom end was. Bearings were good on mains and rods. Cam bearings had seen better days and pistons and cylinders looked good. After assessing the damage and measuring all components, I was able to do a simple re ring and bearing job. The cylinder heads got new valve seals and a valve seat lap job. The seals were damaged last time in from the machine shop that was the reason for the oil consumption.  I did have to rebuild several components including carburetor, distributor, oil pump. Had a lot of cleaning to do on water pump, intake, oil pan, damper, timing cover. I'm still getting Lil things but tend up. I did also get my headers ceramic coated too. Here are some progress pictures.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Late happy new year post.

New year again.  A lot has changed I'm a dad now and this has been a trip for me. I always had time to do stuff for my self but now I do stuff for my baby boy.  Once in a while I do get a chance to work on a few cars, that's why I have this blog. There's lot's of people needing my skills but unfortunately I'm working a lot slower now. Going to share some photos of my boy with you people following.  Then some car stuff.  Every one have a happy new year and make it prosperous.