Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shop life...

Been real busy on my new venture. The shop is cranking and I'm getting new customers with cool cars. I work on import and domestic cats but lately we have had the chance to work on some classic and exotic cars too. Currently in the shop I have a 72 GTO getting a new suspension upgrade and some minor tuning.  We are finishing a 56 Buick Special, getting it running for the customer.  A 73 Dodge Charger with some polyurethane bushing upgrade. A 72 Chevelle getting a tilt column as ND a 72 Nova getting tuned. At the same time I'm trying to get my hood on my pickup but need to get my water pump rebuilt.  My Chevelle is getting a E-85 conversion and some major horsepower tuning.  That sums it up really good. So on to the pictures.  If you want to get some work done you could reach me at the shop at 805-488-3110

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  1. Love this, glad things are going well over there for you Danny!
    -Jennafer Ramirez