Friday, June 10, 2011

Mufflers on the 36

Got some mufflers installed on the 36 on Tuesday,the straight pipes were not cutting it. They sounded good when you were on it and at idle but when cruising around they just clacked to much and I could not hear the engine or any thing else. You know that there has to be a balance and your exhaust will tell you allot when it sounds good. So I took the truck down to Kenz Mufflers here in Oxnard, they have been around for a long time and Keith the owner had done several exhaust for my cars before so I know they do real good work. The truck need deed a good sounding muffler, not a lowrider rap sound or a muscle car chamber sound. Eric at Kenz suggested some Turbo Thrust mufflers, they would have that old school 60's sound and that's what I wanted. Got them in and now it's real quite compared to the straight pipes. I could actually have a conversation in the truck while driving. At idle it really has a tough rumble sound. Well here's some pictures, I will post a video soon.

off of Wooley rd. in Oxnard

Keith welding in  the collector flange

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