Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Red Dot II lost footage!

My buddy Travis had built this 1929 Ford roadster in 4 months, these videos are from the night the engine was first started and the first test drive. they finished early morning before heading out to the last Paso Robles Cruising nationals 2006. Heres some pictures and videos from the night. Enjoy......

1st engine start

1st test drive down town Ventura

Engine is in, check out the fabed headders

Custom grill shell speedster style

Custom Forty top grill shell cover

The Forty Ford Coupe

The Cheif

Fitted Forty dash

Last final build up out side

Last moc-up in side the shop.
you have to take the whole thing apart
before you take it out the shop door.

Destination Paso Robles Crusin Nationals

Red Dot and The Cheif at the Antique Nat's

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  1. Damn I miss that car!
    That was the best sounding flathead too.
    Thanks for digging those pics out!