Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"The Beast" My 66 chevelle

This is my chevelle I've had for 9 years. The story behind the chevelle is, my wife (then girlfreind) bought it for me. I used to have a 65 chevelle that we had put together throgh high school and got stolen. Two months later she bought me the body no engine or trans. It took me 8 months to get it on the road. I had built this one with vengence for those bastards that took my firts car. Just to show you could not stop me. The mill is a 350 010 block 30 over with 12 to 1 comp and a solid roller set up. High flow protopline heads and a single plane intake. For the trans a 400th with manual valve body and a billet converter. The rear end is a well built 10 bolt with 4:11's and an eaton possi. I used it for street racing but those days are over. New plans are on the way so stay tuned.
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