Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Walker Radiator

\       I haven't posted foe a few weeks, I got a lot on my mind lately and could not get to posting. My dog got and ear infection and needed some attention. My radiator on my truck is leaking so bad that I couldn't drive it. My chevelle is not down but a bitch to drive with these gas prices.

     Well finally I made up my mind and bought a new radiator. The original 36 ford radiator had seen its days and at this point it needs a major repair that just dint make sense to my pockets. I was getting rough estimates of seven to eight hundred dollars for a re-core and that's if the tanks survive. I looked in to aluminum rad's but the thing about those is if they bust you really can't rebuild them. Then I came a cross Walker Radiators and looked in to them. Found alot of people had installed these with no problems in the long run plus they are rebuild able if something happens to it.

     I ordered a new radiator from speedway, they had the lowest shipped price. Just got the rad in and installed it today. The fitment is perfect, the quality is top notch and looks just like factory. I got the 4 row Z core made for big block motors so this rad will be plenty for the small hemi. I cant wait to put it to the test when I go on long trips.  Here's some photos of the before and after....

This is the 36 Ford radiator

The Walker Radiator


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