Sunday, August 14, 2011


Its funny how things happen sometimes, I used to own a 65 chevelle back in high school so when I came across this guy I took the job. I had a short block for sale on craigslist about a month ago and finally some one called me. He said my termanology was off, nobody spoke engine talk on craigslist I guess. Well he called cuz he was interested, he had just bought a 65 chevelle from new york. He had only driven it for a few days when he started to hear a knocking sound from the bottom end. I verified the noise and came to the conclusionthat the rod bearings had given out. The deal was made and he dropped of the car at my house yesterday. His motor has a good topend with aluminum heads and air gap manifold. My wife and I took the engine out today, broke the motor down and got every thing sorted out. Now I'm waiting for parts. Heres some progress pics.....
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