Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cruise Night 9/21/2011

We had our cruise night this evening, and it was a small turn out but the people were great and had a good time. Thanks again to all that made it out and are part of our cruise. We do have some bad and good news too. We were asked not to congregate at In and Out any more due to other groups on other days of the week that are causing some problems. So now we are moving the cruise to "Don Chente's Mexican Restaurant" on Oxnard blvd. next to the chevron station corner to Vineyard ave. We talked to the owner and he gave us the green light for the cruise, same 3rd Wednesday same time. Here's some photos.. enjoy.

This is the new hot spot..

Here we are at the new spot. Cool...

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  1. soon mi amor, soon.... ill cruise through the nardcore and say what's up for sure. trucks lookin' mighty fine.