Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cheese gauge panel...

Yeah sometimes you just have to make cheesy parts in this case its a gauge panel for my 36 ford. I had some turned piece of aluminum laying around and I got an idea to make a cluster. The gauge holes on the truck are way to big for regular gauges and I got some SW gauges I want to install. I made a pattern off the original holes on the dash and transferred it to the piece of aluminum. I kind of wanted it to look like a race style dash but I don't have room for more gauges so three will be used. MPH, oil pressure, water temp will be on the cluster, later I will add the turn signal and the high beam indicator, the fuel and volt gauge are going to go on another panel on the dash. Check out the panel, not bad for an hour of work.

Here is the final cut.

Here is the temporary gauges installed.

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