Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mustang is out...

Finally I got the mustang running! The owner had came by to lend a hand. There were just a few little things to wrap up. I charged the battery, installed a new pcv valve and hose, coil wire and changed the oil and filter. I went with distilled water and some water wetter witch actually cools better than 50/50 mix. I had a little trouble getting the car started, so I had to go over the firing order and that was fine. Made some carburetor adjustment and then the engine came to life. Once on made the timing adjustment and set it to 34 degrees at 3,000 rpm. let it run for a while to get the water temp up and seal the radiator with the cap. once running a operating temperature I made more adjustment to the carburetor and now she was idling real nice. The owner still wants to replace the valve cover gaskets, power steering pump, alternator and brackets. New spark plug wire and eventually a new distributor and coil. Here are some videos from the start up and a little parallel parking. I will post more of a test drive soon.


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