Monday, May 16, 2011

More progress on "Hemi Time"

Got in the garage last night and started making some little patch panels for my fire wall recess before I stab the engine back in. I also painted the fire wall again but the shade of the primer is off abit, hopefully it will fade and look better.

Today I was able to get the engine back in and paint my headers all with the help of my friend Richard. Always good help when you need it.

I was going through the settings on my phone and found some cool effects for photos.

This is white board


black and white
Polaroid faded

there is more settings but this is good for now.
for tomorrow the water pump, fuel pump,radiator,exhaust,
intake manifold, prime the engine, dial in the dizzy, top off all fluids,
electrical, check battery charge, new oil, oil filter, the start and brake in the cam.

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