Monday, May 23, 2011

The rise of "Hemi Time"

"Finally the Rock has come back to Oxnard" That's what I was yelling when I got the hemi started today. Got off work at 4pm and came home to get this engine started. Double checked all fluids, made sure all electrical connections were good, had couple my Buddy's on the watch for any oil leaks, water leaks or burning wires. started up the engine and keep ed the rpm's between 2,200 and 2,800 hundred, set the timing and waited for 30 minutes. after the brake in I removed the oil filter and opened it up for a quick inspection, all looked good so I replaced the filter and oil too. Broke in the camshaft with torco brake in oil now I have Valvoline's 20w50 racing oil with high zinc in it. here's some brake in video...

after the brake in period the oil was replaced, I added water wetter to the radiator, some bahr's leak radiator stuff and started up the engine to check and adjust the timing. Set the carburetor and idle and did couple good revs. Really sounds good, just like I thought it would. Donnie Johansen re-ground the camshaft and also with new old stock Howard's anti-pump lifters it should really rev-up.

Man tomorrow I will trade places with the chevelle and take the truck out for a spin. Next I want to install the two tops of the hood and finish the transmission tunnel. Here's the last video..

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