Thursday, December 29, 2011

CHINEY STUFF ! New intake manifold...

I have been sick for last couple days and today I felt a little better now that I have some good medicine. I was watching some "Chop Cut and Rebuild" show and "Cafe Racer" and I thought to my self "what the heck am I doing watching these guys for" I got a car to finish! The owner of the car bought a new intake manifold, valve covers, air cleaner, MSD ignition system and a battery relocation set with an Optima battery. I removed the old intake manifold and got all surfaces cleaned up.

New Endura Shine Air Gap

Installed the new manifold and got the new distributor on. I replaced the stock stiff springs in the dizzy with the blue ones for faster timing advance.

Msd 6al and mechanical dizzy with wires and blaster coil.

I reinstalled the carb and linkage. I test fit the valve covers and found that the edge of the finned valve covers were going to hit the manifold so I had to clearance the edge for them to fit properly.

Valve cover clearance, also installed internal baffles.

Once the valve covers were on I got the spark plug wires on along with the trick wire holders. The new air cleaner went on too.

Next is the battery relocation and MSD box hook up to get this puppy on the road again.

Some music that got me through the day.

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