Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally Got Idle

Finally !!! I got the 65 Chevelle to idle. After a few weeks of doing the holiday honey do list I got some time to work on the chevelle. I had already spent several days braking the engine and now it was time to get the timing on point and get the car to idle. The owner of the car has also put more on my plate by buying a new intake manifold and new MSD ignition system. He also has some nice valve covers and air cleaners that are going on after the engine is running good. I can't wait to get this car on the road just because it reminds me of the engine I built for my 65 chevelle except for the camshaft, mine was a solid lift. It really sounds mean too. Here's some video of it at idle. I will be posting more next week after I come back from a Cowboys Football game.

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